Cargo & Freight Flights

With 32 years of proven expertise in helping companies and individuals choose the perfect aircraft for their specific charter needs, South Aero can help you expedite the process of transporting everything from consumer goods to hazardous materials, oversize loads to documents, and much more. We can carry up to 3,200 pounds of freight per aircraft and are hazmat qualified.

We can also carry animals, human organs or even caskets, if requested, and have extensive experience operating for DHL and United Parcel Service, the largest freight carrier in the United States. If needed, we can dispatch numerous aircraft to fulfill your needs.

South Aero has experience handling all types of cargo, and is dedicated to maintaining our track record for above-and-beyond service from our qualified team members and quality, well-maintained planes. We offer the solutions you need. You say when and where, and we’ll get it there!

Our dependable service offers:

  • Immediate price quotes
  • Access to well-maintained aircrafts and skilled airline specialists
  • Industry-competitive pricing
  • Computerized flight following for all South Aero flights
  • Three aircraft models to choose from and guidance on selection for your specific needs
  • 24/7 access to dispatch service

Why choose South Aero?

We know how important your deliveries are to you, and our dedication to serving our customers is our top priority. We provide top-notch, responsive service to ensure that your deliveries get where they need to be, when they need to be there. As a result, we offer special and last-minute requests. Call us today for a price quote!